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Coconut Oil Terminology

There are 2 kinds of Coconut Oil RBD (Refined, Bleached and Deodorized) and Virgin.
The difference between the two comes down to the type of coconut used and the processing the oil undergoes.

RBD is used in food processing and cosmetics. The coconut oil undergoes extensive processing which results in colorless, odorless and tasteless oil just like other processed vegetable oils. RBD is made from Copra (dried coconut). The Copra can be dried in a furnace or laid out in the sun for a period of time. The dried coconut is separated from the shell and the oil is extracted and refined.

Virgin means that the oil has been refined with lower temperatures and no chemicals. Also, virgin coconut oil is made fresh coconuts and not copra.

Extra Virgin/Raw
This means that the coconut oil was processed without adding any heat, making it a raw food.

Expeller Pressed
This term is used to describe oils which have had minimal processing. Coconut oil that is expeller pressed can be made from Copra or fresh coconuts and have undergone more processing than virgin oils but not as much as RBD oils.

Refined and Unrefined
How the coconut oil is processed determines whether it.s refined or unrefined. Refined coconut oil starts with dried coconut meat (Copra). Because coconut oil producers frequently dry the meat in open air, it can gather hazardous bacteria and pathogens and will require further purification before it.s safe to consume. During the refinement process, copra undergoes bleach filtration to screen out impurities, as well as heat treatment to remove its distinctive odor. Unrefined coconut oil starts with fresh coconut meat ensuring the extracted oil is sanitary without the need for further purification. One of the big differences between refined and unrefined coconut oil is the taste. Refined coconut oil has no signature coconut flavor and no discernable taste or smell. Unrefined coconut oil carries a mild coconut flavor and aroma.

Meldeens Coconut Oil is organic, raw, extra virgin, cold expeller pressed and unrefined

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