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How our unrefined extra virgin expeller pressed coconut oil is made

The coconut palm, Cocos nucifera (coconuts) are grown on certified organic coconut plantations without the use of any chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

After the coconuts are removed from the trees, the husks of the coconut are removed manually and the shells are removed with a machine. De shelled nuts are split and opened to remove the water.

Wet coconut kernels are fed into a machine and cut into medium size kernel particles. After that the drying is done without scorching or burning the coconut meat. The temperature inside the drier is controlled so that the coconut meat is not exposed to temperatures above 118° F. The coconut meat is dried within 7 to 8 hours after de-shelling and split opened.

After the drying is over the process of extracting raw extra virgin coconut oil is done immediately.

A cold-press expeller then squeezes out the oil from the dried coconut kernels.

Filtration of the oil is carried but by passing it through a pressurized filtering device.

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